“The Dirks Group is Refreshingly Different.”

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“The People at The Dirks Group are Problem Solvers”

“I’ve depended upon Jeff for IT support for about 20 years. I count on him and his team at The Dirks Group to do a wide variety of things for us, including purchasing equipment, managing software, general support, and, recently, providing a hosted environment for us.”

“One thing I really like about The Dirks Group is their ability and proactive philosophy when it comes to solving issues between software and hardware vendors and ISPs—the kinds of complications that happen when things don’t work together as they should. Where other parties often won’t take responsibility, The Dirks Group will step up and sort everything out. They’ll make the calls, deal with tech support, and solve the problem.”

Donna S.
United Way of Marathon Count


“It’s Very Reassuring to Have The Dirks Group on my Team”

“I’m a one-person IT shop here, and I cover a wide range of different technologies. The people at The Dirks Group are my go-to team when I need networking help. They are also a key component to our disaster recovery plan. We back up our entire enterprise to their data center and their staff certifies that our data is verified and secure.”

“I get the best bang for my dollar from The Dirks Group. They’re knowledgeable and dependable. You can get in touch with them easily when you need help and they show up right away.”

Jim P.
City of Antigo


“We’ve Developed a High Level of Trust with The Dirks Group”

“We started out with The Dirks Group using them for server and networking support. In the years since, their role has expanded to everything from equipment refreshes to a large wireless project we undertook a few years ago. Today, we have scheduled visits twice a month and they’re always ready to help when something comes up in-between.”

“Jeff holds his techs to a very high standard. They’re technically knowledgeable and show good judgment when they’re giving us options and recommendations. Each has their own area of specialty, yet they pull together very well as a team. I can also depend upon them when it comes to working with third party vendors on bigger projects.”

Jean Z.
Greenwood High School


mark_s“The Dirks Group is a Valuable IT Partner”

“We rely on The Dirks Group for handling our network. We also purchase equipment through them. When things don’t work right, they fix them, and they look out for developing issues so we don’t have problems in the first place. We never feel like we’re being pushed to buy something new. They’re more focused on making sure we have the system we need and making our network more efficient.”

“When people ask me who we use for our network, I tell them that we use The Dirks Group because when something breaks down or needs a fix, they’re right on top of it. Last fall, we had a power outage. Within five minutes, The Dirks Group called because they noticed our traffic had dropped to zero, and they were ready to help us out immediately when a server didn’t restart properly.”

Mark S.
Mallery and Zimmerman