The Dirks Group Helps Schools Manage Their
Computer Systems

Due to the sheer number of users, platforms, and programs on it, a school’s computer network can be a more challenging information technology environment than what most companies will ever operate. The Dirks Group is here to help.


The Role of Information Technology in Education

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn how to use today’s technology. It’s useful in teaching a variety of subjects, and it’s also important for the next generation to be comfortable using the tools they’ll depend upon in their adult lives. The Dirks Group can help your school achieve these crucial goals.

And it’s not just about classroom activities. We can help in your library and your main office, connect teachers and administrators within the school and the rest of the district, and make archiving records easier.

We can work alongside your IT professionals to design, manage, and support your information network. Call us in as needed to make changes big and small, fix problems with laptops or servers, and to simply keep things running smoothly.


We Help Schools Facing Technology Challenges

Legacy Software
With almost every subject area using their own software, dealing with conflicts during upgrades can be a chore.

Parent Access
Administrative software needs to work smoothly for all.

Students sometimes click on links they shouldn’t. We fix things when they do.

Multiple Platforms
Between different types of computers and the many different programs they run, ensuring compatibility can be time-consuming.