A Fresh Approach

The Dirks Group started when Jeff and Michele Dirks realized that the network consulting and design industry could be improved. They believed that if they could provide services that were customer-focused and transparent, they could gain the trust of organizations big enough to need robust network services, but too small to operate a large Information Technology department.


Our History

Jeff and Michele Dirks started The Dirks Group in 1999 as an alternative to traditional information technology service providers. From the start, The Dirks Group focused on developing customized solutions based on an expert analysis of the needs of each individual client.

This consultative approach is different from traditional brand and product-driven sales. It immediately proved popular with customers who appreciated network systems that were just right for how they used technology. The resulting positive word-of-mouth led The Dirks Group to outgrow two buildings in Wausau in just a few years, more than doubling in size with each move. In 2006, The Dirks Group opened one of the first cloud data centers in central and northern Wisconsin, allowing local, secure cloud services.

Today, The Dirks Group successfully serves over 400 customers from locations in Wausau and Eau Claire.